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Suitors, Skeletons, & The Silent Princess

E. Savoy

Suitors, Skeletons, & The Silent Princess is a story about a young pasha's son who is cursed to fall in love with The Silent Princess, and a silent princess cursed by her mother with a Veil of Silence. Though their respective curses set son and princess on aligning courses; temptation, distraction, despair and rumor assail. When the young man finally reaches the Hill of Skeletons - by which The Silent Princess is known - will he have what it takes to walk away with her hand?

Many say he is on a foolish mission. Always the suitor is hopeful; always the princess is silent. No suitor has survived to tell his own version of the story. Why should this one be any different?

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E. Savoy lives out a lavished fairy tale in her own head while walking endless circles around her children's favorite park beneath a North Dakotan sun. Having sojourned physical realms like a gypsy, Epae has instead been graced to root within unseen, unsung, and unheard realms of fantasy and faith... where she grows. Her hope is that every reader finds their own heartbeat, seen and heard between the lines.