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Return to Reality: The Tale of Shrew - The Shade of Highfall

Mark O'Dell

Escorting the prince's funeral cortège, Shrew finds herself standing at a monument known as the Tiel Cross, the very place from where her mother disappeared many years ago. It disturbs her and as she quickly departs, she is confronted by strange objects in the sky and beams of light bending unnaturally. The next thing she knows, she wakes up in a hospital bed. Suddenly Shrew is thrown into an alien world and is suspicious of everyone. Heralded as unique in this new world, she has to learn who she can trust. If anyone. Guided only by her own instincts and communications from the mystical fey world, she has to travel through time and space to try and find her way home.

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Mark O'Dell was born in Great Yarmouth on the east coast of England. Following military service and education at various universities, he now works as a scientist in a leading science and engineering company. This is his first novel and his choice of the fantasy genre stems from his love of high fantasy and his time as an artist illustrating a fantasy magazine for a well-known role-playing game.