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Restoring The Relic

Ruth Less

It happened again, out of the blue. Thoughts and feelings merge with Genevieve's, they invade her headspace, like text on a page, lifted off and implanted into her open, receptive mind.
She feels like an intruder, peeping at someone's innermost secret thoughts. What is happening?

Genevieve is forty-nine years old, with a boring, mundane life but after an unscheduled home visit to one of her elderly clients, her life changes forever.

Right then and there, the catalyst to her paranormal ability begins. She doesn't understand the strange events but realises she needs help to guide her through this gift, or is it a curse?

Choden Lamas, the master monk, knows he can help to guide her but when they feel evil, they know Samil had enticed yet another lost soul to the Devil's Guild. Is there anything they can do to stop this evil before it completely destroys them all?

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Ruth Less lives on the Wirral with her husband, Dave. They have two adult sons and Montgomery, their mischievous Jack Russell.
Ruth is a regular distance swimmer with a keen interest in yoga, enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. Before becoming an author she worked in Adult Social Care for twenty years. Divine Timing is the first book in a series of five volumes written in the UK and Australia. Although her writing is fictional with a supernatural twist, most of her inspiration was taken from the many paths she has crossed.
A natural storyteller with a determined spirit, she is tackling her own demon, which is dyslexia.