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Phantom: Shadows of Mystics

Yasaswi Sandunika

When Kate Adler first encounters Skandar Campbell, she doesn't expect him to be killing a winged beast, much less introduce her to the dark side of Los Angeles, where everything that is meant to be fantasy comes to life. Unexpectedly, she becomes a part of this mystic world, where death is not the worst consequence; where every passing second is a deadly sacrifice...

And she'll have to fight, physically and emotionally, not only her own survival but for the survival of everyone she loves.

In a world filled with complicated identities and bewitching secrets, Kate has to choose between love and family. Will she follow the path that everyone wants her to take, or will she fight for her own desires, risking all she cares about in the process?

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Yasaswi Sandunika is a huge book lover; the hobby inspired her in creating her own world of dark secrets and astounding magic. She wrote her first book, The Shadows of Mystics, when she was sixteen. She lives with her family and her loving cat and dog. Visit her online on Twitter (@yksandunika) and Instagram (ysandunika).