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Hernani Medeiros

In the land of Nuna, a pack of wolves has considered the area they live in to be their own since time immemorial. When humans arrived, they also considered it their own particular territory. Since those ancient days, there have been endless battles, victories and losses on each side: man and wolf pitched against each other, often to the death.
Nanook is a young wolf who has different ideas: they could even be considered radical in the face of the established ethos of his entire ancestry. He cannot see why wolves and people shouldn't live side by side and in harmony, but he has his close family and a young lifetime to change the natural order of things.

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My name is Hernani Medeiros. I am forty years old and live in Canada, although originally from Azores, Portugal. I arrived in Canada with my parents and brother when I was only eight years old, back in 1990. I graduated from elementary and secondary schools, then college with honors, which has been my greatest achievement. Discovering my passion for writing when I was in grade five, it was something I always wanted to do. I hope everyone will enjoy reading Nanook, just as I have enjoyed writing it. Thank you for your support.