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Morium: A Land Beyond

Samuel White

A realm steeped in adventure, chaos, and a conflict as old as time.

When a young village boy is confronted by a bloodthirsty gang of vicious bandits, he must venture out into an unfamiliar world to enlist the support of an unlikely group of heroes. The boy, known as Tenth Maddox, must battle forces beyond his control as he is plunged into a world he does not truly understand.

Morium is the story of a serendipitous hero who is forced to learn and adapt as his quiet life falls around him, leaving him lost in a realm of violence and darkness. As allies rally at his side, Tenth will discover more about the world, and the deep tapestry that is its past, than he could possibly realise.

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I've always been imaginative, I've always wanted to share my stories and ideas with those around me, I've always dreamed of entertaining people with the bizarre ideas that dance around inside my head. It's never been more than a desire to share. A desire to provide the public with a fantastical world to get lost in, something to take them away from their world in order to drop them into mine. I wanted to give them something to make them think, to smile, to cry, to love, to read and to enjoy. I wanted to give them characters that they'd come to understand and cherish and maybe hate. I knew, that if I could achieve just one of those things, I'd be a happy man for the rest of my life.