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Lily of Atlantis

Philip F. Webb

Life in Atlantis might have seemed pretty normal to some but for ten-year-old Lily, her life is anything but... In Atlantis is a magic portal to ‘The Un-Real World', a monster world where nasty creatures come from and witches and wizards can travel back and forth. One night, Lily is terrified by a horrible monster in her bedroom and she runs away. She comes across an ancient wizard who begins to teach her magic to help overcome her fears.

In a world of mean and hideous Boogey Men, Lily manages to befriend some kind monsters who encourage her to face the unknown, boost her confidence and become more independent. Using spells and magic stones, Lily of Atlantis encourages children to be proactive in dealing with problems and ultimately, builds confidence to help with schoolwork, social skills and creativity.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Philip F. Webb is a very old adult. In case you were wondering, the ‘F' stands for Frank. As you will know, all the best writers use an initial - except the ones who don't.
Philip was born in 1967 (yes, that long ago, he's nearly ancient) and thus he knows a lot of stuff about monsters, magic, Atlantis, and other weird and wonderful things.
What compelled him to write this book? Well, one day, when a friend of his was having a bad time of it with some nasty monsters sneaking into their dreams and such, he decided it might be helpful to write a book of stories and spells for children to use when dealing with monsters and the like.
Hopefully, this book has helped you to face your fears and if not, something has gone badly wrong, and Philip is going to have to start again. If it has helped, Philip hopes you will enjoy more of his stories and helpful spells in the future.