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Mark Carew

In 2019, the United States congress declared that UFOs are real. The public record states these advanced craft operate are under intelligent control and are not from our planet.
In the years hence, more and more military and commercial pilots have bravely stepped forward and reported their unique experiences.
Borrowing from the humorous story telling stylings of the great Ben Elton and Douglas Adams, KENNY is a laugh out loud political satire that answers the question; why won't the aliens speak to us?
Commander Kenny Kendrick and Lieutenant Alicia are humanoid aliens called Seabertians.
They lead a team of three (almost useless) trigennial ensigns who embark on a mission to save the Earth from corrupt politicians and bring about an era of enlightenment to our planet.
This mission outrages a second alien species, known as the Zeet.
The Zeet are far from humanoid in appearance and are very nasty. They have been exploiting humans for centuries and work hard to prevent the Earthlings from evolving.
Strap yourself in for a wild ride as Team Kenny take on the destructive political forces on Earth and the entire Zeetian army to prepare Earth for First Contact.

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Mark began his writing career in the business world. In 2005, he wrote Flight of the Mayflower which attracted excellent critical and reader reviews. In 2019 to 2023, Mark wrote two books back to back, Born in a Storm and Kenny. He has already commenced a fourth novel, Selina Conscious. After travelling the world and residing in three countries, Mark now lives in a leafy suburb of Brisbane, Australia.