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Kalim's Return

C. J. Burton

Jim - or Sir Jimmen, Lord Protector of the Realm, to give him his full title - awakens suddenly. Kalim, a supernatural being existing within him, whom Jim had thought had died, is communicating with him again. Kalim has taken on a new spiritual dimension which allows him to return to the mind of his original host. He has returned to guide and help Jim carry out all his duties and responsibilities, which are increasing as Jim's father-in-law, Sir Godfrey Belfort, grows older, and wants to have less to do with the running of the castle.

Kalim instructs Jim in the practice and use of the powers that have been bestowed upon him.

Jim, having risen from the lowly position of blacksmith, does need help in maintaining order within the realm, often having to make decisions which are distasteful to him. He needs help in more serious matters when he must rally barons and knights in a joint effort to defeat a common foe.

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C.J. Burton lives in the rural village of Mileham, Norfolk, UK. Having spent most of his life living and working in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, he decided to retire to the quiet countryside and, having time on his hands, became an author. He has a love of brass band music, and having been taught to play a brass instrument at an early age continues to play a baritone in the Dereham town band.

He lives on his own and divides his time between writing, attending agricultural past-time events, playing in the band and occasional clay shooting.