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Journey Begins

Lily E. Junes

Do you remember when we last saw each other? It feels so long ago. I have thought about you every single day. Not an hour passes without you. You are the only constant in my life. The world may fall but you stay. I do not live in this world but we live together in our dreams. Some day you will appear and I will know you immediately. That's when I realise that all the fears and doubts were in vain. It wasn't me who thought of you, but you who thought of me. It was us. And when all is said and done, we have just begun.


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Lily E. Junes is a fledgling writer and Journey Begins is her debut novel. She is intrigued by new ideas and likes to imagine and dream all things between Heaven and Earth. Born in 1992, she still remembers her childhood without internet and has a great sympathy and desire for life outside the screen as well. She is inspired by many great artists throughout history and seeks to learn more every day. The most important life lesson so far has been: follow your heart.