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In the Company of Shadows

G. O'Donoghue

Humanity has destroyed the Earth. Forced to seek a new home amongst the stars, the colonisers settle on the planet Diomedia after decades of travel. But this planet is no idyll. It is infested with parasitic creatures called Shades that attack humans but who are also, once processed, a source of energy which the colony needs to survive. Landmine Butcher and Longrider Erickson are Hunters who work for ShadeCo and they capture these Shades for the energy that their bodies generate.

ShadeCo has always been a target for activists but recently hostilities against the company had escalated to breaking point. After the disappearance of Longrider's father, she sets off to find him with Landmine Butcher's begrudging assistance and finally bring an end to the violence. Little do they know, they're hurtling straight towards a terrible secret, hidden in the heart of the Shade-riddled desert...

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Gemma O'Donoghue was born in Essex, which is where she predominately spent her childhood, apart from a three-year sojourn in Dublin. She currently lives in Chelmsford with her husband, growing a collection of cacti and carnivorous plants. Writing has always been her passion and nothing is more enjoyable to her than the prospect of creating a new world at her computer.