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Half Light of the Magic Eye

Jack Lahmodes

Half Light of the Magic Eye revolves around the adventure of four friends, Rachael, Mike, Charlie and Tom, who while enjoying a nice picnic on a sunny afternoon are distracted by a shimmering bright light, which appears to be emanating towards a particular rock.

Charlie, who is not afraid of exploring, decides to investigate, and disappears as soon as he touches the rock.

What else can Rachael, Mike and Tom do but try and follow him?

Where they are transported to, they do not know.

It is dark and silent.

That is until they encounter the ‘Interpreter', who takes them on a journey they will never forget; encountering an array of creatures, and making some lovely friends along the way.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


On retiring, my wife and I moved from Sussex to a beautiful area in the far west of Cornwall, and ‘free' time gave me the opportunity to indulge in a long-held ambition to write.

The catalyst for this novel came after exploring many themes and ideas filling pages of writing.

The novel can be read on many levels and is suitable for ages from fourteen to one-hundred-and-fourteen.

I am fortunate in having two sons (from my previous marriage) and four grandchildren. I also very much appreciate in living in a town which has a very vibrant community, is helpful and caring.