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Goode Oliver Dooley and The Palace of Keepers Book 1

Gerrad R. Bohl

Among the Clovercomb Mountains of Northern England, a mysterious kingdom of migrating forests, carnivorous plants, and curious green bees lies hidden, protecting the world from dark forces and guarding a treasure more precious than gold. Goode Oliver Dooley, a frail and neglected young boy, finds solace in gardening. Unbeknownst to him, he has been given a death sentence: placed in the care of the diabolical Mr. and Mrs. Lumpen as an infant, destined to live out a slow and premature death...until one day he meets three very peculiar green bees. A sting from one of these curious bees changes the course of Goode Oliver Dooley's life forever. He is mysteriously invited to enter a Royal Garden Competition, with a chance to win a place as a Royal Gardener at the mystical Hobcomney Palace. But this is no ordinary garden competition and Hobcomney Palace is full of strange charm... Goode Oliver Dooley and nine other winners quickly discover that gardening in this kingdom means something entirely different. As things take a turn for the unexpected, they must overcome life-threatening obstacles in search of answers to the strange and peculiar events suddenly occurring at Hobcomney Palace...

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Gerrad R. Bohl is an American author native to Havre, Montana. He spent most of his formative years between Montana and California. Although he has worn many hats, writing, modeling, and acting have been consistent sources of joy for him. He has worked in theatres in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Montana. He has been a student of criminology and anthropological sciences. He is most inspired by the English countryside and the majestic Rocky Mountains of Montana. This is his debut novel.