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Empty Shell

Sara Drake

If you could escape your life when things are bad, would you?

Gemma Harver suffers a terrible tragedy and as a result, no longer wants to live. But her mystical grandma has a cure for everything. She knows of beings call Kachinas that are able to swap bodies with you and allow you to recuperate in their magical realm called Sanctuary. The Kachina you swap with then tries to act just as you would in the normal world.

Gemma agrees to the plan but, not expecting it to work, she is shocked to discover it's all true. But everything comes at a price!

Would you risk everything to recover?

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


My name is Sara Drake. I live in Bedford with my family and pets. I have always loved writing stories and have a wild imagination.

I have written another novel which has been published, called Quest for Eden. I also write poems in my spare time.

I loved to read as a child and my favourite writer as a kid was Dick King-Smith. My favourite author now as an adult is Anne Rice. I love anything supernatural or science fiction.