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Domains Series: Being Purgatory

Tina D. Greig

In a dramatic, fantasy adventure, the powerful rulers of heaven, hell and purgatory clash in herculean battles to harvest the souls of the dying. Purgatory (‘Tory' to her friends), representing her own domain, seeks to rescue and relocate souls to their deserved resting place but is challenged in her task by the fury unleashed by Abraxos and Lucifer, her antagonist angel and demon rulers, who fight tooth and claw to claim all dying souls for their own nefarious ends. Gathering her hybrid army to defend her realm and to battle for what is right and good, Purgatory unleashes her own magical strengths against the dark and light forces pitched against her, as she rescues souls to the afterlife and finds enduring love on her own journey to maintain her unique status.

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Tina Greig is an author and English teacher living in France. Tina has a passion for writing epic fantasy novels which chaperon the reader throughout the worlds of the unknown and their perceived knowledge.

Her books focus on strong female antagonists, therefore introducing her readers to a new kind of badassery.

Being Purgatory incorporates Tina's personality inside her own unique writing style, bringing humour alongside passion, magic, and romance within the pages of her books.