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Tangled Webs

Ethne Cullen

Beginning with a dramatic beach rescue in 1973, this is a tale of love, loss and secrets, only some of which are revealed. The Orfords are a well-to-do, established family in Australian society. All three of their children become successful in different ways. The elder daughter, Hilary, follows her father, Gerald, into the family business and moves to New York, setting in motion a chain of events that will affect them all forever. Kitty, the younger daughter, falls in love very young and the consequences of this follow her and the object of her desire for the rest of their lives. Both make decisions for the good of their family, and both experience joy and regret through the love of children, siblings and lovers over the decades. From 1970s Sydney to New York in 2001 and back again, this story weaves deceptions and coincidences to their conclusion.

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Ethne Cullen was born in South Africa, but left at the age of twenty-one to travel and explore the world. She enjoyed a career in education in both schools and universities.

Now retired, she enjoys golf, bridge and painting landscapes in oils and acrylics. She lives with her husband in Victoria, British Columbia.

This is her debut novel.