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E.S. Glass

Ivy Moss and her dearest friends, Cessie and Aero, are interns when they are plucked from thousands to battle for time travel odysseys. With superbugs striking folk down, the race is on to discover a cure. Oppressed by her co-engineers, wily, bullet-headed Ivy is seeking an escape - the beastly domain of the dinosaurs, theatrical society of Shakespeare and rebellious world of the suffragists prove too irresistible to bypass. Can Ivy outperform inscrutable bully. Magnus, ruthless reporter, Aurora, and long-suffering Bo to secure her ticket to eras beyond the abyss? If she does, will she and her friends sidestep the jaws of the human-chomping T-Rex, the axe-wielding tempers of the Tudors and the anti-suffragist gangs who stalk the textbooks? 23 will transport you to impossible landscapes, colourful characters and mesmeric mysteries. In the attempt to win it all, will Ivy lose sight of what - and who - matter most?

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I am a seasoned novelist from London, accredited by Teen Ink - a magazine read by over one million and on par with The New Yorker - for various fantasy, realistic and poetic articles. I was highly commended by distinguished writer Cathy Cassidy twice as a teenager. Literature is my first love and consequently I achieved an A* in my A-Level and outstanding grades in my related subjects. I have recently switched to a vegan diet and am a life-long feminist. My book celebrates multi-faceted characters from all classes, genders, ethnicities and personalities.
Enjoy - it's going to be a topsy-turvy ride!