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Trust Only

Martin Morton

Meitang has put so much of herself into a new resort launch in Asia, but the event is being disrupted.

Isobel Allen, the principal designer, is called back suddenly to London to deal with a threat to her business arising out of a sadistic attack on an old friend at a deviant sex party.

The son of one of the two major resort investors arrives at the resort launch with disturbing news about his father and about Meitang herself, news which will dramatically challenge her exotic relationships and threaten her entire future. Who can she trust to help her?

Isobel returns to Asia to find that much has changed: new bonds have formed as friends explore their more sensual selves and their erotic possibilities, and older, important bonds are threatened. She finds herself much needed, emotionally and physically, but she still must deal with the further consequences of the London attack, which even threaten people's lives.

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Martin Morton lives mostly in the Adriatic on a boat.

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