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The Water's Edge: Book 1 of The Claudia Series

Martin Morton

Claudia and Jack already have a strong and satisfying business relationship, but when Jack is offered a job that will take him to the other side of the world, it throws a new and urgent light on their mutual attraction.

Claudia's unsatisfactory relationship with her husband and Jack's failing marriage propel them into a sudden and intense affair just before he leaves for Singapore.

They promise they will speak often and meet again as soon as they can. They also commit to be completely open and honest with each other.

The brief, but intensely erotic experience with Jack releases a tumult of sexual desire within Claudia, and with Jack unavailable, she will need to look elsewhere to explore her boundaries.

Claudia's journey into sex, submission and sensuality is matched by Jack's adventures in dominance overseas. They share their most intimate discoveries over long-distance phone calls, but will their explicit honesty bring them closer together... or tear them apart?

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Martin Morton lives mostly in the Adriatic on a boat.

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