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The Gifts of the Masters

Eva Gill

Jonah is an ordinary businessman bored with his mundane life...until he happens upon the beautiful slave Anya and is introduced and initiated to The Realm, a local BDSM club.

Jonah explores things he never before thought possible, delving into the sensual, sexy world of BDSM and learning what it means to be a Dominant. Taught by Alex, Anya's Master, Jonah is guided in the practice of BDSM and what it means to be part of this hidden community.

When he realises he's falling for Anya, Jonah's new identity is put to the test. Anya is involved in a polyamorous relationship with Alex, but Jonah is monogamous and is keen to settle down with the one woman who is right for him.

Whilst navigating the BDSM world, Jonah must figure out his feelings for Anya and decide if it's possible to take her from her Master and make her his own.

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Eva Gill lives in South Africa with her husband, pet bunnies, tarantulas, and dogs. She writes full time, when she isn't tying up beautiful little submissives while listening to classical music, preferably Mozart. Her friends and family mean the world to her, as does the support of the local BDSM community.

The subject matter in her novels is very much a part of her life, where BDSM and normality blur into happy harmony. She loves tattoos on herself as well as others. The Gift of the Masters is her third full-length novel, and there are many more to come.

Follow her on Instagram @authorevagill to keep up with her sexy escapades!