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Spontaneously Reckless

Emma Ollin

By day brunette beauty Freya Bell is an excelling undergraduate, and by night she is a ditzy barmaid who is always up for a giggle with her three best friends.

Instead of focusing on her studies, she fantasises about Mr. Matt Jones, her dreamy lecturer - to the point where her aching loins give her the urge to make a booty call with bar regular, Bradley. Of course, like any hot-blooded male, he is always happy to oblige.

Despite the mind-blowing sex, she has an insatiable appetite, and so when personal trainer, Chris, appears in her life, she can't contain her carnal urges. Nor can she turn down ex-boyfriend and army man, Jack.

Living free and addicted to reckless sex, things take a complicated turn, and her life escalates out of control. Her worried friends try to convince her to sort out her complicated sex life, but she struggles to choose between these four gorgeous men.

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I am a happily married mother of four from Leicestershire whose dreams feel too big to achieve but are my goals regardless.
I tried several careers from childcare, travel sales, and bar work between each of my children, none of which felt like the perfect career.
I finally chose to step back and enjoy time at home as a mum, allowing me the time to write down the short stories which filled my mind for the past few years.
I started writing in January 2019, when my imagination brought me Freya Bell. She is the main character of Spontaneously Reckless. I have thoroughly fallen in love with Freya and her life's journey, and I hope you do too.