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Satyromaniac - A Love Story

R. J. Covington

As a married father and CEO of a booming tech company, the author was executing his long-designed plan to sell his company and realize the American dream. But in that exact moment of presumed triumph, dark ominous clouds rolled in, pelting him with a series of devastating misfortunes that stripped him of everything: self-worth, identity, money and family. The eventual journey toward recovery would unexpectedly thrust him onto a tollroad through the sexual underbelly of America. This is a story about one man's descent from self-confident entrepreneur and family man, to social leper who furtively detours into the world of sex clubs, paid escort encounters and massage parlors. Along the way, the memoir digs deep into the minds and stories of the many women serving the industry, humanizing them in the process and shattering preconceived notions about these women.

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R. J. Covington has had an extensive professional career as an entrepreneur founding and selling multiple start-ups, later serving roles as a C-suite executive and board member of various corporations. Despite growing up in the city, Mr Covington has taken flight to the comfort and beauty of a rural mountain town. When not writing while wired on his third pot of coffee, he can be found impatiently struggling to teach his Labrador, Sasha, how to catch a frisbee.