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Lost Pearls

Martin Morton

Arno Dace keeps his clients safe. He makes sure their wealth comes from untainted sources.
For the Dickinson Corporation, his major client, sourcing clean money is a pragmatic choice to sustain smooth operations and a spotless reputation; for Rachel Gideon, the head of its funds business, it is an ethical one, rooted in both principle and early experience of tragedy.
Dickinson's extensive links with Conrad Kitter's operations become compromised after Kitter's merger with a shadowy Chinese organisation growing rapidly in the Middle East. Dace is asked to investigate.
His searches reveal product and customer bases expanding into new and dangerous fields of money laundering, drugs dealing, and covert arms shipments, threatening his clients' whole operation.
Meanwhile his new relationship with Rachel Gideon leads them into an intense, wild and steamy affair which temporarily blinds them to the consequences of their business problems.
Dace's pragmatic solutions however, accepted by Kitter and his senior Chinese partners, clash with Rachel's principled positions.
How will that force them to confront their true values?
Will it threaten their commitment to each other?

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Martin Morton lives mostly in the Adriatic on a boat.

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