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Careless Hours: Book 3 of The Claudia Series

Martin Morton

Careless Hours is set in the high-stakes business world where lives intertwine and there is the inevitable heady mix of business and pure sexual pleasure. It is not for the faint-hearted. The people like to work hard and play even harder. Claudia Brodie and Andy Molloy are part of a global conglomerate run by Peter Dickinson. When Andy confides in Peter that he has had problems from a Japanese competitor, Peter has the bold idea of taking over that business. Andy is then thrust into the vastly different world of Japan and has to negotiate the culture and different ways of conducting business, not to mention that he's unsure he can trust the inscrutable lawyer who is aiding him. Luckily, he has the beautiful Tania to help him. Claudia is also drawn into the negotiations in Japan but has her own concerns when her ex-lover, Jack, needs her help in clearing his name in the sexual scandal that broke them up in the first place. She cares for Peter but does she still have feelings for Jack? And can she find her careless hours once more?

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Martin Morton lives mostly in the Adriatic on a boat.

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