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A Mediterranean Connection: Travels of Jean Pierre Désir

Rebecca D Wooten

To Find True Love, Let Loose the Mask

Beautiful, well-educated, and independently wealthy, Lady Marcello is an Italian masquerade artist in want of nothing, however, after her father’s death, she desired something of her own. The fates step in when Jean Pierre Désir, a former ambassador from France is called back to duty by King Louis XIV and he is assigned to reside in the Republic of Venice.

A historical fiction, A Mediterranean Connection: Travels of Jean Pierre Désir, is a descriptive prose that takes you on a journey through the golden age of art and literature in seventeenth century Europe. He meets the ladies of the house, and their worlds collide. Can these headstrong individuals open their hearts to love? Or are they destined to masquerade alone?

You are invited to join in on this journey of self-discovery as they prepare for the midsummer day’s carnival, a celebration of life.

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A modern renaissance woman, Rebecca Wooten is a polymath. An artist, seamstress, and baker, she holds a doctorate of philosophy in applied mathematics emphasizing statistics. In addition, she is a research analyst, a computer programmer coding in several computer languages, and has developed courses in Knowledge and Reasoning for Harvard's Innovation Lab.
She had taught at university for nearly twenty years when she was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's disease. Then, after dealing with a cancer scare, with an eye for details and a prolific vocabulary, she decided to fulfill a childhood dream of becoming a writer of historical fiction and romance novels.