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A Flirt with Justice

Graham Oxley

This novel is the tale of a small government office in which about a dozen people work. The manager, Mr Arnold Pigg, is less competent than he himself believes but is able to continue running the office due to the fact that there is a diminishing amount of work and because Bill, the deputy manager, does most or all of the work for him.
George Davies is a young new arrival who joins the office when the work is almost grinding to a halt. He is befriended by Pete, a star of the local rugby team, and is persuaded by him to turn out for a game against the Army team.

Mavis, who also works in the office, is pretty enough but does she really want to be with George? Eventually they begin a romance and Mavis is inspired by the beauty and intellect, as well as the expertise with eye make-up, of Philippa Fry, a young lady barrister who is herself strongly attracted to Jeremy Fallow QC who is a handsome Crown Court judge. She flirts with him unashamedly.

Gradually, as the romance between George and Mavis blossoms, the former realises there is much more to the latter than he first supposed. Throughout the novel, one witnesses the change in Mavis who graduates from a promiscuous young lady into a creative, intelligent and thoughtful woman.

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Graham Oxley was born in 1945 in Weston-Super-Mare and, aside from a year of hitchhiking around Europe in his late teens, has lived there for his entire life.

He went to the local grammar school and left at the age of seventeen with two O-levels to his name. His academic failure at school might have been due to the fact that his mother became ill when he was about seven years old. She died of cancer when he was nine years old. He likes to think that the lack of her guiding hand through his school years was the reason he did not pass exams. However, he does concede that it was probably due to his own laziness and his failure to ever do any homework which caused him to leave school with no qualifications.

He worked at a variety of jobs after leaving school but never found anything which he really liked. Instead, he began studying at home and eventually gained a law degree at a local college. Finally, after several years, he qualified as a solicitor and ended up practising in his home town for about twenty years, before retiring at the age of sixty-nine. It was only then that he began writing seriously and was able to find the time to finish the novel which he had started writing about fifty years before. It's never too late.