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Samantha Drury's Secret Diary: Out of the Wormhole, into the Snakepit

Emma Everitt-Story

Samantha Drury is an eleven-year-old girl on a mission not to make friends. She's an expert at avoiding social situations. It's not a bad thing, but try telling that to everyone else, especially now that she's started secondary school. Despite incessant initiatives designed to help her "bond" with her peers, Sam is determined to remain on the outskirts of life.


But life has other plans. While at camp, Samantha inadvertently makes friends with Danny by devising a prank on the boys which reveals her fun character. Then when back at school she is rescued from a terrible situation by Carla, a kindred spirit who inspires confidence in Samantha.


Follow Samantha's story in her diary where she reveals her character, adventures and thoughts on post-divorce parents, her big brother, embarrassing situations and awkward school life. Ugh!

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I was born in Enfield, North London in 1988 and have lived there ever since, although I dream of a future in a more rural setting, in the countryside or by the sea - I'll take crashing waves and rolling hills over busy streets and crowded trains any day! I'm a huge fan of comedy; I appreciate anyone who is kind enough to try and make people laugh. I like music that was made before I was born. I love great storytelling, the kind that puts you in another world. I am slightly obsessed with miniature things, and I adore cats.