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Samantha Drury's Secret Diary: Emotional Ghost Train

Emma Everitt-Story

Samantha Drury never thought she'd survive her first year of secondary school, but somehow, she's made it to year eight without dying of awkwardness. With her two best friends by her side and her year eleven tormentors out of the picture, school life couldn't be better. If only things at home were as simple.

Sam's dad brings a whirlwind their way when a ghost from his past comes back to haunt them all, and when her new stepdad and stepbrother move in at Mum's, the family dynamic shifts in ways no one could have predicted.

Thankfully, finding an escape isn't hard. Visits from a celebrity create a buzzing atmosphere at school, and when it's Samantha's turn to take part in the thrilling hunt for six missing time capsules, she strays from the group and stumbles across a unique and mysterious treasure that provides a very welcome distraction.

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I was born in Enfield, North London in 1988 and have lived there ever since, although I dream of a future in a more rural setting, in the countryside or by the sea - I'll take crashing waves and rolling hills over busy streets and crowded trains any day! I'm a huge fan of comedy; I appreciate anyone who is kind enough to try and make people laugh. I like music that was made before I was born. I love great storytelling, the kind that puts you in another world. I am slightly obsessed with miniature things, and I adore cats.