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The Waterhouse Girl

Sue Hampton

With her ‘bird’s nest’ hair, Daisy Waterhouse has never been as pretty as her favourite pictures. But when that hair starts to fall out by the handful, she has no idea how difficult life will become. Starting afresh in a new town is hard enough without her dad. Her best friend is in Australia, and for Tamsin next-door, being seen with Daisy isn’t good for a model girl’s image.Baldness is hard to hide, and the school bully is on hand to make it impossible. It’s only in her diary that she reveals her true feelings, but deep down Daisy knows there are only so many secrets she can keep. When she meets Flame the eco-activist, weekends by the Thames bring freedom and friendship along with surprises, headlines and new battles to fight. With unexpected help - from George, an off-the-wall loner, and a stranded baby whale - Daisy is determined to hold her head high. But it takes a lot more courage than she could ever have imagined.“Beautifully written” - Michael Morpurgo

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Sue Hampton is the author of more than twenty novels for children, teens and adults, writing across different genres. Michael Morpurgo has praised her work as "terrific" (Just For One Day) "enthralling" (Spirit and Fire) and "Beautifully written... insightful [and] poignant" regarding The Waterhouse Girl. Traces made the top three in The People's Book Prize 2012 and Frank won Bronze in The Wishing Shelf Awards 2013. Sue lost her hair in 1981 but it was creating Daisy Waterhouse that began to change the way she lived with Alopecia. Now, she's delighted to be an ambassador for Alopecia UK.