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Darkness Falls

Tony Bury

Institutes that breed murderers...


A cure that falls into the wrong hands...


Is the government involved?


Who can you trust?


A ‘survivor' of the Brown Institute, Detective Alex Keaton is full of rage as she battles with the demons in her head and struggles to quench her thirst to kill.


Meanwhile, the hunt is on to find Alex Keaton as she knows too much and poses a very real threat to the multimillion dollar business that spawns killers.


Will a new case be enough to reconcile her sense of duty with her gut instinct to give in to temptation? Can she trust the very person that can help her and ultimately save her, or has the damage already been done?


Find out in Darkness Falls - the gripping latest addition in the Alex Keaton series.

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Tony Bury, born in 1972 in Northampton, England, has had a passion for writing songs, poems and short stories since an early age. He has been writing several children's books and screen plays as well as the Alex Keaton series of crime novels and the Edmund Carson series.