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Curator Angelus

Paula Jane Rodgers

Lisa had witnessed the tragic consequences of an innocent game with a Ouija board, but never told anyone.

Lisa and her sister Susan were just a couple of normal teenagers, but Lisa was a loner and suffered bullying at the hands of her father, John. She was glad when she could leave home to escape his violence and lead her own life.

Despite the pressure Lisa found herself under socially, she was determined to remain a virgin until she met the man of her dreams. However things didn't work out the way she planned, with unexpected results.

Her mother, Elizabeth, had also suffered years of abuse from her bullying husband, but when she ended up in hospital she decided that the truth should come out.

Her confessions, after all these years, were life changing, but finally Lisa could unravel the mystery of the black shadow.

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Paula Jane Rodgers was born in 1971 in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. She attended the local schools and college there. Taking time out from working in an office she became a housewife and, during this period, she wrote down her dreams and ideas, accomplishing one of her life ambitions in the form of her first novel.