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The Reversal

Shaneta Widjaja

A broken girl struggling to right the wrongs of her father.
An angry son fading beneath the glory of the sister he yearns to save.
A greedy tyrant looking to spill blood upon his canvas.


Born to a life of luxury, Lady Emilia Valenhall grew up knowing nothing but the cutthroat world of nobility, where lies are abundant and kindness is a courtesy none offered her. She is all too aware of the darkness that rests beneath the surface, waiting for the chance to reveal itself.


It reveals itself with the beginning of a brutal war that split the land of Yvaileon. Forced to face the reality of all her world has become, Emilia finds herself fighting for a future where the innocent might one day be free and safe from harm. Her battle pits her against friends, family and foes in a tangle that races through time and space, from one age to the next.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Shaneta Widjaja was born on the 6th of July 2003 in Bandung, Indonesia, where she still lives with her parents and impulsive older brother. Her brother's numerous theories are, in part, what led to her fascination with all things unbelievable - the same fascination that, along with her love of literature, eventually prompted her to write the first draft of The Reversal at the age of thirteen.