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The Empty Sky

K. B. Elijah

Eight moments in time...eight people experiencing the best - and worst - moments of their lives.


Violence and bloodthirsty carnage is all he's ever known, although residing in hell has taught him not to expect too much. But there's something not right with the world in which he lives and even God himself is not as expected...



As her ship hurtles towards an asteroid heading for Earth, Doctor Xu questions her role in the mission. Is she an important asset or just a hindrance to the rest of the crew, who might just harbour a deep secret...?



Plus, The Girl and the MonsterMelina's MistakeChasing FateA Step BehindEven the Cake Was in Tiers; and The Salvation of Tomorrow.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Born in North Yorkshire, England, K.B. Elijah emigrated to Australia in 2005, and, unlike many of Australia's politicians, is fully aware that she holds dual-citizenship. After obtaining degrees in Law with Honours, and Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of New South Wales, the latter qualification now sits in the cupboard collecting dust.

Luckily, the law degree came in handy, and K.B. Elijah now practises as a full-time Solicitor in Brisbane, using the two hours of travelling each day to write about anything and everything.