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Russian Keys

G.A. Ross

Ian was unsure whether to attend his father's funeral, they'd hardly been on speaking terms, but he decided he must.

He could never have imagined what he would get into when Major James Anderson, also known as the Leper, told him his father had been murdered and gave him a USB stick explaining his father's life.

As the journey progresses and with the help of his trusted friends and family, the secret story unravels.

His father was not the monster he had always thought he was and now, as the truth appears, he realises he has a mystery to solve.

When he meets the beautiful, Russian goddess, Lada, he feels on top of the world as she agrees to marry him. Is it too good to be true as he fears?

Would he uncover the truth and live to tell the tale? Or was it too late for them all?

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G.A. Ross spent a lifetime going around the planet by sea and by air. After years of relentless travel that took him to around two hundred countries, he can now enjoy the luxury of going around the planet in his mind. Such ability is not easily achieved but is a blessing when you want to move between countries in a book.

A vast array of cultures and nationalities were encountered and embraced. Maritime disasters in the North Sea, Alaska, Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific were all attended. Seven years were spent in Australia. Another fifteen spent between Vietnam, the entire Far-East, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Nigeria and Angola.

Coming from a marine background that includes fishing and merchant navy, scope of operations took him from the Falklands to Alaska and many places in between. Locations are not fictional, they are real from experience, as writing about places you know is easier than places you don't know. An example being Kangaroo Island and Andamooka in South Australia, mentioned in this novel.

His primary hobby is sea fishing and he has accumulated knowledge in local practices worldwide in rigging baits and shellfish traps. His desire to write has been subdued by time. He didn't have any. Life has been a relentless journey to the ends of the Earth. Now, for him, another journey has begun.