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John T. Leonard

DS Tom Draven is a well-respected police officer in the Serious Crimes Unit. It is a stressful job and it's not surprising that he sometimes fails to put enough energy into his relationship with his girlfriend, Jess, and often has to let her down at the last minute when work calls. But when he starts to lose track of whole chunks of time, he begins to wonder if his mind is playing tricks on him.

When Tom starts to discover items belonging to him at a series of unconnected killings, he becomes convinced that someone is trying to fit him up. Tom knows he is innocent, but the forensic evidence is compelling, and he is arrested and charged with murder.

Events take a twisted and sinister turn as the dedicated and brilliant detective finds himself caught up in a tense and psychologically compelling battle with an equally clever and ruthless criminal.

As the trial commences, it becomes apparent that only one of them can win, and Tom must fight for his liberty and his life...

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John T. Leonard has worked for the emergency services for over twenty years. His first writing project began in 2005, but was interrupted when fatherhood beckoned and was never finished. Unfortunately, given certain events since then, it may now be lost forever.

Since then, when discussing this lost project, it was suggested that he begin afresh. This led to a semi-autobiographical first release. Since then, Leonard has written continuously and has since completed a number of projects. Primus was his second project, and was originally self-published in October 2017.

Leonard primarily writes crime thrillers which, in part, draw on his true-life experiences. But, as he is an avid science-fiction and superhero fan, a recent project with a recurring character was targeted at a younger audience, specifically his own children, depicting his own take on a super-hero origin story.