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Eternal Victim

Ed Adams

To run London's gangland in the 1960s you needed to be hard - and ruthless. There's always someone who thinks they can topple those at the top of the pyramid.

Mickey Warren had been hard and ruthless since his early schooldays, but always for a purpose. One that benefitted Mickey Warren.

It was a trait he easily transferred to adulthood. His ‘business' looking after the syndicate of London's drug kingpins, formed after the Krays disappeared from the scene, had made him rich - and made him enemies across the capital.

Just like the gangsters Mickey worked for, there was always a young pretender for the protection crown too.

Add in the fact that little schoolboys with lifelong pain from childhood humiliation can grow up to be stronger, smarter and bent on vengeance, and it's easy to see how Mickey's life could get complicated...

... and dangerous to him, his family and all who knew him.

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From as early as I can remember the fascination of the written word ran through my veins.

I do not remember how I came by a copy of Kitty Hart's, I am alive, a book I read many times. Then later, I encountered the brilliance of Khaled Hosseini.

Many years passed until life finally slowed and allowed me to write my own book. I do not compare it in any way to my literary heroes' work, but I am pleased to have finished it and hope that in some way you enjoy it.