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Terrestrial Shadows

Dr Jackie Ferris

Moses never existed. Nefertiti led her people out of Egypt. These shocking secrets were uncovered by Jazz and Francisco in The Ghost Reapers. A stunned world held their breath, until the Vatican and other super-powers regrouped. Branded as cyber-terrorists out to destabilise the world, they were quickly discredited.
But there was no denying that the ancient Egyptians, the first true masters of spin, were the key into our real past. All Jazz and Francisco had to do was prove it.
Their quest leads them to South America and China, where pyramids larger than the Great Egyptian Pyramid are mirrors into what really happened more than twelve thousand years ago. Can they mind-map their way to an almost forgotten human skill that proves the super-intelligence of our ancestors? Will they expose our lost heritage before the Vatican and other super-powers stop them?
Terrestrial Shadows is the second part of a trilogy revealing the past's secrets as old as the human race.

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Never one to accept the status quo, Dr Jackie Ferris has spent a large part of her life investigating alternative possibilities about what might really have happened in our unrecorded past. History is only as good as the observers recording it. Fact or fiction, that is the question. Terrestrial Shadows is the second book in a trilogy about what might have taken place in the dark recesses of our uncharted past.