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The Great Bean Adventures

Donna Brewis

The Great Bean Escape - Papa Bean loves his wonderful family very much , and would do anything for them. When their home, a lovely comfortable tin full of a soft, fluffy tomato sauce, is opened, and the Human Mama is preparing to cook them all in a saucepan, he has to think quickly of an escape plan, even if it means using their special powers! The evil family pet, a cat called Toby, has other ideas though! Can the Beans escape?


The Great Bean Rescue - The Human Mama loves gardening and growing plants and vegetables in her greenhouse. One of her new projects is to grow Haricot Beans, which is what baked beans are made of, and when they are close to being harvested and baked, the Bean Family must make a decision. With the help of their new garden friends, a family of foxes, snails and worms, they agree they have to be rescued, using any means they can! Will the Haricot beans be rescued? Read on to find out what happens!

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Although born in London, I have lived most of my life in and around Essex. I was brought up in care homes and with foster parents and, maybe sharing my childhood with so many children, helped with my imagination. I had to give up work in my 30's for health reasons, and have been registered disabled since then. I have written poetry for as long as I can remember, but this is my first book. My dearest wish is that children who read this book, or it is read to them by their parents/carers, enjoy the stories, and maybe even ask to hear them again!