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Chasing Rainbows

D.M. Jones

"Sometimes memories bring promises of what might have been or can reawaken demons best left sleeping."
Adam and Felix didn't know each other, but a chance meeting on a plane takes them to days gone by which were filled with love, laughter, sex and tears. It, appeared that they had more in common than they could imagine.
When Olivia winked at her past, she set a process in motion and they all remembered when they were always chasing rainbows.
"Life can be so sad. We do get ourselves into messes, don't we?"

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D.M. Jones gained a BA (Honours) in Home and Community Studies. After gaining a PGCE in further education, she went on to study Counselling and Psychotherapy. She had a variety of jobs which all involved people, in the social sector and in the private sector, along with running a successful private practice in counselling and psychotherapy. Once you have met her you will never forget her. Positive attitude, storytelling and an ability to make you laugh make her a natural comedienne whose observations on life cannot fail to amuse.