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Birthday Balloon

Dianne Ellis

On the day of Rosie's fourth birthday, she receives a huge silver balloon attached to a book about rainbows from Grandpa. Rosie takes her balloon outside for a ride on her bike but its tie becomes loose and it soars high into the sky. Very upset, Rosie calls her grandpa to see if he can climb on his roof and catch her balloon because it's heading his way. That night, Rosie reads her rainbow book and dreams about her balloon travelling on an incredible colour-changing rainbow adventure. This story not only shows the special relationship between Rosie and her grandfather, it also displays the colours and order of the rainbow spectrum. Does Rosie's balloon come back to her? You'll have to read this book to find out.

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I was told once by a wise lady that you should do what makes your heart sing, and for me that's writing. After gaining my diploma of professional children's writing in 2000, I had the confidence and time to explore my writing passion. Now, I write picture books, chapter books, poetry and short stories. Birthday Balloon is my sixth published picture book and one that is close to my heart. I hope you enjoy reading this special story to little loved ones. Excerpts from all my books can be viewed on