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The Fairies of Oak Cottage

Debsi Gillespie

Twins, George and Katie, live happily in a delightful old cottage with their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Hedgrow.
When their beloved granny dies, the twins are left with only their elderly grandfather to care for them. Unfortunately, Grandpa is not all that strong himself, the twins are worried as well as heartbroken.
But a new life opens for them when they discover a colony of fairies living secretly in the wilderness at the bottom of the garden.
Mr. and Mrs. Hedgrow are two of the few humans that the fairies trusted.
They loved the old couple and were sad to lose Mrs. Hedgrow.
The fairies are taken with the children and allow themselves to be seen.
They introduce the children to new and exciting ideas and adventures.

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Born in London, the child of two talented artists, Debsi spent many hours watching her mother work. Encouraged to create as a child, Debsi wrote stories and drew fairies prolifically until they morphed into portraits. Acquiring a Fine Art degree and a teaching certificate at Reading University, she specialized in the feeling effects of colour. Later, during extensive travels, she taught art and continued painting, especially portraits, her great love. Now living with her kiwi husband in New Zealand, she continues to paint and write.