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Debra Cox Passaris

Fairatella is an outcast in the fairy community, shunned for her unusual appearance (she has a cat's tail, after all!) Her opportunity to fit in comes when she gets the chance to confront Freakadella, an evil witch bent on destroying the fairy world and turning everyone into misfits. For Fairatella is the Chosen One, prophesised to bring peace and harmony to fairies everywhere.


With her trusty sidekick Mr Mumble Bee, and her friends Eleganza and Pan, Fairatella travels to Freakadella's dangerous domain, leaving behind her family and her loved ones, including her little sister Daisy and her father Silver Fox. But convincing someone with an evil heart to turn to the light will not be easy-and Fairatella will learn some family secrets that she was never prepared for.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Creative self-expression, for me means escapism, it's my refuge where I forget all my troubles. Letting go of my fears is a hurdle, but when I do, it gives wings to my imagination. Nothing magical has ever happened to me in my comfort zone, the way Fairatella popped into my mind gave me faith in inspiration, after that, it seemed like a sequence of serendipities. I find my true self in dark hours, when everything appears against me somehow I bite back. It takes courage to follow your dreams; by just trying, I achieved far more than I ever thought possible.