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Where There's Life

David C. Ayre

For more than two years, Alan and Kirsty have been developing a highly sophisticated robot which closely mimics both the physical and intellectual properties of human beings.

After some false starts, they design and build two prototypes - Jack and Jill - and decide to test their credibility as human by visiting an old friend. The test is a success, and they also find that the learning potential of the mechanoids is much greater than even they understood.

Meanwhile, the MoD is taking an interest in strengthening their military might with a platoon of mechanoids. The prototypes are put in charge of assembling and programming these combat units. However, Jack and Jill seem to be developing a more than robotic sensibility for the ‘family' of mechanoids they are building...

As senior members of government start to act strangely, and the robot platoon goes AWOL, Alan and Kirsty are left wondering whether their invention will prove to be a boon... or a dangerous threat to humanity. With the help of their old friends, Weasel, Knuckles and Kevin, they are going to have to track down the rogue mechs and make some hard decisions...

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David C. Ayre was trained as an electronics engineer at Loughborough University and has worked in the electronic field most of his life, later concentrating more on software. He was born in Hertfordshire but has lived in North Yorkshire for the last forty-seven years where he enjoys walking in the wilder parts of the county as well as the Lake District with his wife, Muriel. He has a son and a daughter and two step-daughters, four grandchildren and one step-grandson. He is also very keen on painting and drawing and has been very involved with amateur theatre for many years. He has written several books for teenagers as well as several pantomimes and screen plays.