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Cornish Moments

Darren John Wilson

The short stories in this collection are all linked by the magnificent backdrop of their setting in Cornwall. Love and loss, tragedy and mystery abound in these tales. From stories set amidst the crowds of traditional Cornish celebrations, such as Helston's Flora Day and May Day in St Ives, to intimate settings of home or local public house, Cornwall is a significant character in all of them.

In several stories tragedies from the main characters' childhoods are revisited; sometimes old ghosts are put to rest, other times they linger on. Family secrets and conflicts feature strongly, as do meetings of friends and acquaintances from the past who haven't seen each other in years, if not decades. Many of the tales are of Cornish folk who have never left the county, while others feature those who have lived elsewhere but have been drawn back to the place of their birth.

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Darren John Wilson was born in Worthing, West Sussex, and he lived in Oxford for many years. He is now living in Brno, in the Czech Republic, where he writes and teaches English. He has Cornish ancestry and visits the county of Cornwall frequently.

He is the author of five published works: Sailing By, Watershed, Tomorrow's Almost Over, Joy Divided, and Cornish Moments. Sailing By is the first book featuring his Oxford private detective, Daniel Winter. He is working on the second Daniel Winter novel, entitled This Calamitous Sea.

His Roman Catholic faith informs his writing, but he remains a free-thinker when putting pen to paper.