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Mummy There's a New Girl

Danielle Webb

A book that highlights diversity and that it's ok to be different.

When a new girl joins the class, many of the children pick on her for her looks, but one brave little boy looks past her differences and learns that really - size is no big deal!

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Growing up with Dwarfism, I have quickly learned that there is a great need for representation, especially within early years and education. The inspiration for Mummy There's a New Girl first came when I was sixteen, studying Children's Play, Learning and Development at College. I realised I had no resources to equip me in helping to educate the children I was working with about my condition. The book I needed didn't exist - so I wrote it, but it wasn't until graduating university did I have the courage to share my story further than just my places of work.

I can't wait for you all to read this story and my hope is that everyone who does, will become friends with the ‘new girl' and will be reminded to look past one another's differences.