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The Life of Jian Ciervo

Daniel Jose Ruiz

Jian, a Kindred, has managed to escape the clutches of the Keepers - a race of tentacled creatures that keep Kindred enslaved. Having almost perished in the freezing conditions on the wastelands, he's eventually rescued by a crew of salvage hunters.
The captain of the salvage crew takes pity on him and offers work and lodgings, and Jian slowly learns to navigate life as a free man - a life not without danger as the Keepers send out patrollers to catch and return escapees.
With a thriving legal practice and money in the bank, Jian grows complacent - until he realises that his purpose in life is not only to live his own life in freedom but to help other Kindred do the same.

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Daniel Jose Ruiz is an educator and writer living in Los Angeles, California. He is an unabashed geek, which pairs in interesting ways with his MFA in Creative Writing from CalArts and his MA in English from UC, Irvine. He loves to write stories about all different sorts of people, so he rarely stays to a single genre. He is honored to be a tenured professor of English at Los Angeles City College. When he is not teaching or writing, he plays a variety of tabletop games and video games, but most importantly, he focuses on being a husband to the visual artist and educator, Flavia Zuniga-West-Ruiz and a father to his children, Prometeo and Artemisia. His first novel, Coconut Versus, was published in 2017, and you can find him at