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Crazy Love

Daniel Blake Smith

Danny Fenton and Dawn Robinson are two twenty-something misfit dreamers. They have fled their down-and-out existence in backwoods Arkansas, hoping to make a new life for themselves in the big city of St. Louis. Leaving sketchy jobs behind, Danny is starting afresh as a private investigator while Dawn schemes to open her own restaurant, The Dawn of Good Eats.

But they soon find that it's not so easy to outrun their past as dangerous and depressing connections catch up with them. Dawn finds herself unwittingly entangled in an illegal scheme that Danny accidentally exposes in an off-the-books investigative effort. With criminal activity that Danny can't ignore, Dawn finds her dream threatened by the very person she loves the most.

How they find their way through this tragicomic clash of their desperate but endearing ambitions reveals the magic of their crazy love.

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Daniel Blake Smith is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and the author of the novel Mr. Wonderful and several non-fiction books: The Shipwreck That Saved Jamestown, American Betrayal, and Our Family Dreams. He is the writer/producer of the crime thriller, Texas Heart, starring John Savage and Lin Shaye, and numerous documentaries. Formerly a professor of American History at the University of Kentucky, Smith now lives in St. Louis where he works as a filmmaker and author.