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Woven Web of Revenge

Sharon Brummer

What happens when beliefs are interwoven with personal revenge?
After a terrorist attack on a café in London, Clint Maitland and Ben-Zion Mahmudi, both CIA agents, face Zaynab Kahn, widow of the terrorist. Having been brought in for questioning, Zaynab's interview begins a cat and mouse game of strike, retreat and revenge amongst the three of them.

The hunt starts in London, progresses to South Africa, and then explodes in the horn of Africa. Zaynab is determined to lead Islamic militant extremist groups to attack the western world. Clint is equally determined to stop her. But at what personal cost to both of them?

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During my school years, I wrote plays, poems, and short stories. I then joined an international electronic company in South Africa which resulted in many interesting overseas trips. These trips served to feed my thirst for writing even more. I also wrote the first Human Resources handbook for the company. I guess that was my first book. Since then, I have relocated from the busy city of Johannesburg to a quiet seaside town - Mossel Bay - part of the scenic Cape Province.
To date, I have published six books of different genres. I have also published a book on poetry and short stories. Poetry, and being able to put pen to paper and develop stories, is a magical process. I am so blessed to be able to write.
I am married. Both my sons have immigrated to Australia, and I miss them tremendously. I have two precious grandchildren.