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Will To Win

Eric Grounds

In 1974, British Army intelligence expert and Olympic fencer, Edward Davidson receives a desperate call from his Irish informant; but when he tries to meet, he narrowly survives an IRA ambush.

Years later, Edward moves in higher circles at the very heart of the intelligence community. He becomes involved in trying to track an IRA arms shipment and the men responsible for the Mountbatten killing and other atrocities which shaped the history of Ireland.

This is the story of one man in a world of killing and sabotage, who finds love and the deep satisfaction of representing his country in two very different ways...

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Eric Grounds is a former soldier, businessman, charity director and Olympic sportsman. He has lived in Northumberland for more than sixty years, having arrived there as a little boy with a crewcut and a pronounced American accent. British and French education changed the accent and the nationality, which allowed him to be appointed as High Sheriff of the County in 2006.