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The Third Testament

Chris Bourke

Jack O'Shea's best friend, Brady Collins, brother of Father Tony Collins, has gone missing. The day after Brady filed a missing person report with the police, he is found dead and, after the coronial enquiry, the verdict is death by suicide. But Jack just can't accept that his friend would commit suicide. He engages a private investigator, Christine Bouchard, and her business partner, Joe (who, in her words, is the most dangerous person on the planet), to investigate the circumstances surrounding Brady's death.

Their investigation will take them to Boston where they discover another priest has been murdered in a most macabre manner, with 31 silver coins inserted into cuts in his body, one more coin than Judas betrayed Jesus Christ for 2000 years ago.

Next, their investigation takes them to Italy; here they are drawn into a conspiracy involving the arcane world of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and modern science. Should the conspiracy come to fruition, it certainly would change the fortunes of the Holy Roman Catholic Church if not the course of history.

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After graduating with a business degree, Chris Bourke went on to become managing director of a multi-national company.

While enjoying many aspects of the corporate world, he has never lost his deep desire to change his profession to that of a full-time writer, thus enabling him to share with others the joy he has in creating situations and characters.

He loves the gift of escapism and pure enjoyment that reading offers each of us.